Tricia’s Hope: Board of Directors

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Caleb Nagel

Board member

Caleb Nagel is an attorney with the law firm Stuart & Branigin, Lafayette, Indiana’s oldest and largest law firm. A native of the Greater Lafayette area, Caleb grew up on a working family farm. After attending Taylor University for his undergraduate degree and the University of Michigan for his law degree, Caleb spent several years working in New York City before returning to Lafayette. Outside of his work as an attorney, Caleb enjoys serving his community through his church and through other outstanding local organizations, including Tricia’s Hope.

“Cancer impacts every community, and my own family is no exception. Several of my close family have fought cancer and survived, and I was always tremendously grateful to all those who stepped up alongside our family and stood with us. I gained more understanding of that fight when I myself was diagnosed with a chronic disease that required treatment in an infusion unit. Most of the other patients in the unit I was treated in over the years were receiving cancer medications. Witnessing up close what their experience actually looked like, and sharing conversation with them, made me realize more than ever that no one in that position should ever endure it alone. I am grateful to serve with Tricia’s Hope and work to make sure that no one has to.”