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Tricia’s Hope uses donations to help cancer patients currently in treatment. The financial need varies for each cancer patient, but donations have been used in the past to assist with financial needs that are often forgotten or not covered by insurance. These can be expenses like utilities, childcare, rent, groceries, and any other financial burdens a cancer patient might be struggling with. Tricia works directly with the board of directors to reward applicants based on need.

To ensure that donations are available for cancer patients in need, Tricia’s Hope is operated by volunteers with a small amount of overhead for administrative needs. Tricia works with the Board of Directors to interview each applicant to reward applicants based on need.

After sending your donation, an email receipt will be sent for your records. If you choose remain anonymous, we cannot email you a receipt.

Recurring Monthly Donations

We have added a monthly recurring donation option to this form – please be patient as we work out any potential issues. If you choose to set up recurring donations, a user account will be set up for managing your donations. You will receive emails for setting up your password and accessing your account management page. If you do not receive these emails shortly after submitting this form, please check your spam folder, and then contact us for assistance.