Accept Help

Dear Patient,

Tricia’s Hope was founded for you, the patient, who is fighting your way through your treatment in this most challenging time. As a survivor I understand the difficult journey this is for you and your supporters, and Tricia’s Hope is here to support because of you.

We will make this as painless as we can – simply fill in the form below (all fields please) and we’ll schedule a time to talk about your application. We will review and schedule a time to discuss your application, so please be a thorough as possible with the details, which will be kept strictly confidential. During this interview we will hope to learn more about you and your needs, which will help us determine how to assist you.

Grants we’ve provided to patients have been used to pay a utility bill, pay for childcare during treatment, cover costs of transportation to treatment, having your home cleaned, buying groceries, and other forms of relief as you see fit for your grant. These are small things, but every little bit helps.

A founding principle of Tricia’s Hope is that we want you, the person experiencing this trial, to tell us how we can help you with our grant program. You know best, we’re here to support you through this journey and hope you accept our help, care for your well-being, prayers, and best wishes.

With deep gratitude,

Tricia Rausch
President, Founder and Survivor

If you are ready to ask for help, please fill out our application.