Board of Directors Job Description

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Tricia’s Hope Board Job Description and Agreement

Tricia’s Hope, Inc. Board Members are responsible for strategic guidance and oversight of the Mission, under the leadership of the Executive Director / CEO. Board Members are expected to offer advice and counsel while ensuring appropriate governance is in place to remain compliant with applicable bylaws, tax status, and other oversight bodies and organizations.

As the final authority for Tricia’s Hope and the work performed by the organization, Board Members make all strategic, legal, and fiduciary governance decisions, while delegating management powers and duties to the ED / CEO. The Board of Directors is responsible for developing and approving RSV’s mission, strategic goals / objectives and their measurement, and establishing policies related to delivery of services. 


  • Focus on being a policy maker by supporting the clear distinction between the policy-making functions of the Board and the responsibility to administer and implement these policies.
  • Vote on all motions of the Board except when removal from action for conflict of interest is declared or warranted.
  • Hire (if applicable) and support the ED / CEO including evaluate success against Board established performance standards.
  • Approve and monitor the annual budget.
  • Approve policies and changes to established guidelines to be in line with standards as established in the bylaws and charter of Tricia’s Hope.
  • Serve as a strong and visible ambassador for Tricia’s Hope in the community up to and including volunteer and fundraising opportunities.
  • Preserve organizational autonomy while simultaneously strengthening partnerships with other mission-aligned community organizations. 
  • Attend all Board meetings, Board Committee meetings and review all materials prior to assure meaningful participation. 
  • Be courteous and treat other Board Members with respect.
  • Consider the best interest of Tricia’s Hope’s Mission at all times while focusing on grant recipient support and programs.
  • Live the values in all official capacities as a representative of the Board.

Term length and time commitment

  • It is expected that Board Members will participate in all Board meetings and special sessions (e.g. orientations or retreats). Failure to maintain an 80% attendance average may result in removal from the Tricia’s Hope Board.
  • Board Members also lead or serve on a standing committee(s) and may be asked to serve on an ad hoc committee or task force. 
  • Board Members serve 2-year terms, eligible for up to 2 renewals (ie, a maximum total of 6 years).
  • Board Officers serve 1-year terms, eligible for one renewal (ie, a maximum total of 2 years) of term. If an Officer hits their Officer term limit mid-term as a Board Member, they will complete the remainder of their term solely as a Board Member.

Financial Commitment and Request

  • It is expected that Board Members will help the ED / CEO make connections to fundraise for Tricia’s Hope’s long-term mission and vision to the greatest of their ability. 
  • Tricia’s Hope requests that Board Members make the organization a philanthropic priority either through their personal giving or network to assist in meeting fundraising targets. These contributions may be thru time, talents, or treasure.

Additional Responsibilities of the Board Chair:

  • Work with the ED / CEO in defining Board responsibilities and setting the strategic direction for the institution. 
  • Know and understand the bylaws and policies and to make sure that the Board operates on a policy level.
  • Serve as the liaison between the Board and leadership team (if applicable) responsible for carrying out the strategic plans of the Board. 
  • Set the tone and culture for the entire Board, with the expectation that Board Members will arrive at Board meetings fully prepared and ready to participate actively in Board discussions.
  • Draw out varied perspectives from Board Members, and not allow any Board Members to monopolize discussions or remain sidelined.
  • Ensure Mission Alignment, commitment, and active participation from all Board Members, including establishing a Training regimen to further establish Board skills. 
  • Take on responsibility for mentoring Board Members and building awareness of educational opportunities for building better Boards.
  • Serve as ex-officio member of committees as needed.

Additional Responsibilities of the Board Secretary:

  • Note the main actions, decisions, and subsequent follow-up actions of the board during meetings and record them in the meeting minutes. 
  • Maintain all governance documents and records and make them available for review by the Board and bodies which may require them. 
  • Working in conjunction with the Board Chair, file any required documents with the government and/or accrediting bodies as needed for compliance by the designated deadlines.
  • Execute signing authority for legal documents, such as contracts, checks and credit applications on behalf of Tricia’s Hope, Inc. 

Additional Responsibilities of the Board Treasurer:

  • Oversee financial transactions, reports, and overall financial health.
  • Help the Board Chair establish budgeting priorities that correspond to strategic planning goals and objectives. 
  • Help the Board Members to analyze and understand financial reports to assist in decision-making for allocating monetary resources. 
  • Oversee internal controls according to approved procedures for processing financial transactions.
  • Review financial records to ensure that financial transactions are recorded accurately and on a timely basis.
  • Working in tandem with the Board Secretary, ensure compliance with applicable laws and regulations, as well as the organization’s policies and procedures.