Debbie Woodruff

Oct 21, 2021

When I was blindsided by my cancer diagnosis, I was petrified.

I live alone with no family near to hold my hand. All of a sudden I had a slew of new specialty doctors (Radiologist, Oncologist, 3 surgeons, plus more!) It all started to happen so fast. Lost my hair first, and then gradually lost all my teeth during chemotherapy.

I had to stop and take a deep breath and give my problems to God. Once I did that (and believe me, it’s hard for me to ‘let go’), doors began to open for me when so many other doors had closed. I was in a financial pickle, as I dog-sit for extra money, but couldn’t because I was too sick and weak. A friend of mine contacted Tricia’s Hope and they were absolutely wonderful! Angels! They put through a grant to assist me in my financial crisis! It came through quickly. I was so very grateful and thank God for putting Tricia’s Hope in my life!

After I completed radiation, two surgeries and extensive chemotherapy, other health issues occurred (back surgery, loss of hair and teeth, bowel resection, and more back procedures. Most recently, I had e. coli in my gallbladder that nearly took my life, but a friend called 911, and once again God helped me through!

Having faith has helped me through each and every step. I never gave up. I fight every day to stay strong and help others. Currently, I am making gift totes for patients undergoing chemo. Guess who gave me a slew of items including the totes? Tricia’s Hope! They are helping me to help others.